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Island Ugljan - Villages

In the island of Ugljan there are many fishermen and tourist villages mainly placed in the North east side of the island in natural coves; and the most famous are: Ugljan, Lukoran, Sutomiscica, Poljana, Preko, Kali and Kukljica.


Veli Lukoran is a peaceful of secret coves and beaches where pine trees touch the sea. There are many country houses from which the most famous is summer castle of the family de Ponte from 17th. century. in Mali Lukoran. As they say in Mali Lukoran, this area was a place for vacation since ancient times. Legend says that a poet Petar Preradovic, amazed by sunrise in the island got inspired to write famous patriotic song "Zora puca".


Placed in a big, protected cove Sutomiscica offers safe anchorage to seamen. Numerous gardens are testimony for hard labor of the islanders. There are many pomegranate bushes, that bring their fruits in September, around the day of the saint patron of the village St. Eufemia. There is a famous baroque summer castle of the famous family Lantana, from Zadar, 17 th. century.



Picturesque place in the cove that is surrounded by the peninsula of St Peter with Romanic church from 13th century on one part and on the other side houses with green gardens. Many wells with springs of water and many hours of insulation per year are the reason why vegetables grow so well in here.



Preko is a central village in the island of Ugljan, and its name says it is placed just opposite the town of Zadar(preko-croatian for opposite), with ancient parts of typical Dalmatian architecture with many country houses owned by aristocratic families. You can feel the Mediterranean atmosphere walking along lungo mare or from many coffee bars and restaurants with a view to the channel of Zadar. Only 80 m from the village there is an idyllic island of Galevac (Skoljic) covered with dense Mediterranean vegetation that hides the Franciscan convent from 15th century. In the east part of the village , near the ferry port there is a Romanic church of St John from 11th century.




Kali is a village of famous fishermen of Adriatic's that are also proven as seamen in the seas of the world. Its uniqueness is in two ports full of fishermen boats and fishermen repairing their nets. The ancient nucleus of the village with narrow streets and stone houses in Dalmatian stile is placed in the hill from which you can have the beautiful view to the surroundings, and everything is dominated by tower bell of the baroque church of the St Lawrence, patron of Kali.



Village placed in the southeast of the island near the channel of Zdrelac. The old nucleus with original architectures divided from the tourist peninsula of Zelana punta by a great natural cove with a port always full of fishermen boats and sailing boats. Valuable monument is the church of St Hieronymus from 15th century in the cove of Kostanj. Every year for the festivity of Our lady of the snow (05.08) there is a procession of boats from Kukljica to the church of Our Lady of the snow in the channel of Zdrelac, where it was snowing on the day of 5th of August, one summer day 400 years ago, as the legend says .


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